Voice of Customer in Retail

Provide exceptional service by understanding and addressing your customers’ true desires.

Shopping should be fun, so keep it simple.

You’re selling more than products, you’re selling dreams…… Dreams of a fresh look, comfort, style, and success. In order for clients to dream big and buy bigger, you need to keep everything else easy.

At Howazit, we help retailers and e-commerce businesses walk customers through their online journey. By engaging them exactly when needed, being attentive even when they’re not in the room, and making communication as simple as possible, you will meet and exceed their expectations.

Grow your Brand with Howazit

Transforming Customer Feedback Collection 

Less incoming calls to the call center

increase in
returning customers

Increase in coupon redemption

Increasing Satisfaction while collecting Reviews

Satisfied customers

Completion rate

Of happy customers leaving a Google review

Accelarating Processes while Increasing Satisfaction

“Management waits with anticipation for the weekly report containing open text feedback from customers. Receiving customer feedback has helped to significantly shorten internal processes – and many times, the solutions are applicable and easy. Thanks to working with Howazit, we are enabled to resolve many of our customer complaints quickly and efficiently.”


Your customers have a lot to say.
Are you ready to listen?