Dominos Transforming its Customer Satisfaction Measuring


Domino’s Pizza, Inc. is an American multinational pizza restaurant chain founded in 1960. Domino’s has stores in over 83 countries and 5,701 cities worldwide.

Domino’s Israel is a subsidiary of the international chain and is known for its innovation. Domino’s Israel has over 50 branches and 1,250 employees. 400,000 pizzas are prepared monthly and 330,000 of them are delivery orders. Approximately 50% of Domino’s sales in Israel come from digital ordering channels.


Retail - Restaurants and food delivery


Continuous measurement of customer experience, keeping the high standards of product and service quality


Post-delivery customer satisfaction communication


50% drop in complaint calls, 53% increase in returning customers who had complained over a bad experience, and a 75% retention of customers overall.


Domino’s as a company is looking to amaze its customers with the best service ever. To do so they need to understand customer satisfaction metrics, collect relevant data, analyze it, and implement improvements based on the insights.

Prior to using Howazit, Domino’s employees used to survey their customers, calling 10% of the customers during the shift and measuring four parameters. There were some problems with their data collection methodology; data quality was questionable, and customers were harassed.


Domino’s began using Howazit’s VoC (Voice of Customer) solution. 100% of Domino’s customers receive a text message post-delivery, with a link to a personalized automated chatbot. Using only a few questions, the chatbot can measure over 20 parameters for various aspects, including food quality, service, and delivery. In cases of happy customers, Domino’s sends a coupon thanking them for taking their time.

In case of a dissatisfied customer, an automated service recovery process begins, estimating the severity of the complaint and acting upon it. Once the complaint is taken care of, Domino’s also “closes the loop” to ensure the customer is satisfied, post automated care.


With Howazit, Domino’s saw a 50% drop in complaint calls and 18% increase in redemption of the coupon in future orders.

There was a 53% increase in returning customers who had complained over a bad experience. In fact, 56% of the dissatisfied customers who underwent the service recovery process with Howazit were became returning customers. The service recovery process makes sure dissatisfied customers are compensated and managed according to the severity of the complaint and their specific customer identification. Domino’s Israel also saw a 75% retention of customers overall.


Drop in calls to the call center


Increase in returning customers after a bad experience


Coupon redemptions increase 

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