How H&M Israel Accelerated Processes Through Customer Feedback


H&M is an international Swedish fashion chain that sells clothing for men, women, and children. It also offers a wide range of shoes, jewelry, bags, and household goods. The H&M franchisee in Israel is Match Retail Ltd., a Union Group company, controlled by George Horesh. H&M opened its first stores in Israel in 2010 and today, it operates 21 stores.

parking payment both in local areas and parking lots throughout the country. It offers a refuel and purchase service at Sonol convenience stores, payment on toll roads, car washes at reduced costs, a roadside assistance service, payment on public transportation in cooperation with Moovit, and more. Pango also provides additional options such as car servicing, insurance, and car pick-up for vehicle checks.




Learning customer pains and Improving instore experience


Post in-store purchase feedback collection


Quick solutions to recurring complaints and high satisfaction, exceeding industry benchmark NPS index


The challenge was to measure and improve customer experience in Israel’s competitive retail industry, while maintaining a high customer satisfaction level in stores as well as online.


Match Retail uses Howazit’s VoC (Voice of Customer) solution to measure customer satisfaction after in-store or online purchases. Through an interactive and automated chatbot, the company collects customer feedback. This helps to better understand true customer desires and needs, as well as to improve their level of satisfaction. The chatbot also includes an NPS question – a loyalty index.


According to Lilach Flato, the director of marketing and customer experience, “Management waits with anticipation for the weekly report containing open text feedback from customers. Receiving customer feedback has helped to significantly shorten internal processes – and many times, the solutions are applicable and easy. Thanks to working with Howazit, we are enabled to resolve many of our customer complaints quickly and efficiently.”

Following the effective handling of repeated complaints and responding to customer feedback, customer satisfaction and loyalty levels have increased to above the industry benchmark.

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