Guest Experience

Make the logistics of the vacation as simple, mindless, and fun as the experience itself.

Taking Hospitality to New Heights

  • Each guest receives personal information regarding his stay
  • Special offers are sent at the relevant time for additional services 
  • A short time after check-in each guest receives a feedback request relating to their specific journey
  • Unhappy guests are reported to relevant teams in real time to allow moderation of negative experience
  • Each guests receives a text message with a link to a branded personalized web application with customized information about the hotel, area and services.  
  • After check out each guest is asked for feedback about his experience 
  • Happy guests are referred to a smart DTA (Drive To Action) -to leave a social review, online ranking sites etc.
  • Unhappy guests are reported to relevant teams in real time to allow moderation of negative experience

The Technology Behind the Voice

Interactive Chatbot

Guests, and people in general, have little time and even less patience. That’s why our chatbot is to the point, relevant, short, fun, easy to use, and personalized (with personal info, language, channel, timing, etc.). But the chatbot’s most prominent feature is its interactivity, which enables organizations to act on the information they receive from guests in real time, as it is provided. This service level has helped many of our guests improve the service they provide their customer, instantly.

Branded Web Application

Our web application helps you communicate the right information, to the right guest, at the right time – because knowing isn’t enough, the information needs to be shared. Create communication channels that make your guest feel like you are speaking directly to them. And only to them.
Share the knowledge and insights that will strengthen your relationships and improve brand loyalty.

Comprehensive Omnichannel

Your guests are everywhere – on Facebook, WhatsApp, live chats, and so much more – and if you want to engage them, you need to be there, too. Our omnichannel tool unifies all customer communication across platforms, enabling organizations to manage the entire communication range from one central place. And the benefits extend even wider than the channels themselves. Omnichannel provides a simple, unified display, facilitating better control of guest experiences, and enabling contact centers to arrange and prioritize incoming communications in order to provide better service and increase satisfaction.

Insightful Dashboard

A smart exchange of information is critical for good communication, but it’s not enough. If you don’t analyze and understand the opportunities and challenges raised by your guests, you can’t leverage them to promote growth. Our live dashboard enables organizations to view a real-time snapshot of their performance, and act according to precise insights. Simple and intuitive, the dashboard uses graphs and data visualization to display tailored reports, funnels, guest data tracking, insights, and more.

Discover Success: Explore Our Inspiring Customer Stories​​

Communication Transformation

Over 40% of the customers using the omni-channel solution instead of calling the call center.

49% of the promoters go to recommend on Google which has an amazing score of 4.8 from almost 1500 reviews.

the Mission to Provide Impeccable Service

 52% of the customers began the process, and 93% of those completed it entirely
63% of those who completed the communication also followed through on the action asked of them
57% opted in to receive additional offers

Measuring Satisfactiom

 a 50% drop in complaint calls and 18% increase in redemption of the coupon in future orders. 56% of the dissatisfied customers who underwent the service recovery process became returning customers. 

Your customers have a lot to say.
Are you ready to listen?