EccoSup Listening to the Voice of their Customers


EcoSupp develops and markets nutritional supplements based on unique patents and advanced technologies. The company’s products are an innovative breakthrough in connecting science and nature.

EcoSupp nutritional supplements have been developed from an in-depth understanding of body mechanisms and are manufactured using the most advanced technological tools, while adhering to the preservation of the earth and principles of sustainability. This is done, among other things, by sending the products in reusable cloth bags and using recyclable bottles. The company is also cruelty-free, with all vegan products.

The company puts a major emphasis on excellent customer experience. Howazit’s VoC (Voice of Customer) solution, is one of the tools the company uses to track and control its customer satisfaction. The company also has a call center staffed by certified naturopaths who provide a professional consultation to any question.

This solution allows the company to communicate with its customers according to selected touch points and measure satisfaction, while proactively approaching all customers, leveraging the communication with satisfied customers, and immediately dealing with dissatisfied customers.


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Continuous measurement of customer experience, retaining high standards of product and service quality


Post-delivery customer satisfaction communication


1/3 of customers completed the questionnaire, and 90% of them were very satisfied


The company has super high standards for the quality of its service and product, “… we believe in transparency and open dialogue with our customers. Courteous service is our top priority …”

The company takes full responsibility for the quality of their product and service, and ensures that all those involved in the service and sales process, who encounter customers, meet the strict standards of high satisfaction.


EcoSupp uses Howazit’s VoC solution to measure customer satisfaction post-delivery. In this communication with the customer, the company collects data about the customers’ satisfaction both with the product and service. The company measures customer satisfaction in order to continue to provide the best service and become more efficient.


The company enjoys a very high response rate, about a third of all customers. 90% of customers report they are very satisfied. These customers are referred to leave a review on Google, 34% of them do leave a positive review. The EcoSupp business page on Google contains over a thousand reviews and their score is 5.0. A fact that proves the high quality of the product and service provided by the company, and the positive communication with the customers.

Even though the company has a high overall customer satisfaction score, they were able to achieve a further increase in satisfaction over the last quarter, thanks to continuous focus on their high standards of both product and service.


Customers completing the questionnaire



Satisfied customers



Of customers leaving a positive review on Google


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