Branded Web Application

Provide the right information at the right time, manage communication with customers, help them through their customer journey, and create upsell and cross sell opportunities.

Anticipate Customer Needs to Improve Communication

Our fully branded web application enables organizations to meet their customers throughout their journey, providing the information they need at every touchpoint, while promoting additional products and services.


Simple access to all the information customers need to best interact with organizations, including product information, FAQ, time, dates and locations, and so much more.


Comprehensive management of the customer’s journey through clear explanations, instructions, and information shared and collected.


Clarity and interactivity that enable real-time response to customer needs, greatly improving service level and driving customers to mutually beneficial actions.

Enabling Communication to
Promote Business Growth

Personalized communication

Personal info, relevant language, tone, channel, timing, etc.

Embedded tools

Chatbot, link to external chatbot, marketplace for upsell and cross sell, marketing material platform

Analysis and response

Real-time and scheduled reports and notifications, dashboards, and more

Embed media

Videos, docs, animated gifs, emojis

Embedding 3rd party solutions

Scheduling, payment, GPS, and more

Customized UI

Fully customized according to customer brand book

Discover Success: Explore Our Inspiring Customer Stories​

Communication Transformation

Over 40% of the customers using the omni-channel solution instead of calling the call center.

49% of the promoters go to recommend on Google which has an amazing score of 4.8 from almost 1500 reviews.

Digital Transformation

The digital transposition undertaken by Kali for the onboarding process, drastically cut handle time of new policies, achieving a 93% questionnaire completion rate without the need for nagging reminders.

Impeccable Service

 52% of the customers began the process, and 93% of those completed it entirely
63% of those who completed the communication also followed through on the action asked of them
57% opted in to receive additional offers