Insightful Dashboard

Gain complete visibility into your business, analyze your performance, and watch it improve
through smart insights that drive smart actions.

See. Understand. Resolve.

Our simple and intuitive back-office dashboard helps organizations keep on top of all business performance.


Clearly displayed reports, funnels, graphs, customer data, and insights, all made accessible using data visualization tools and customized according to user, business unit, viewing frequency, and more.


Real-time performance snapshots, including rankings, funnels, in-depth analysis, trends, comparisons and benchmarks, recommendations and urgency indication, all filtered according to customer and business-related parameters.


Simplified insight-driven action is promoted through clear results displayed on the customized dashboard, including issue prioritization, business unit scoring in comparison view, performance ranking, and more.

Gain Visibility to Enable Business Growth

Pre-defined reports according to business rules

  • Scoring / Ranking
  • Performance funnel
  • Data analysis (Charts / Tables)
  • Trends
  • Comparison / Benchmarking
  • Raw data
  • Suggestions / Recommendations
  • Urgency indication

Real-time viewing snapshot filtered by various attributes

  • Date
  • Brand hierarchy level
  • Flows (VoC, VoE, Loyalty VoC, any combination, etc.)
  • Customer journey stage
  • Customer attributes
  • Geography

Customized display according to business goals

  • Performance funnel
  • Scoring / Ranking
  • Internal benchmarking
  • Social performance
  • Ticketing status handling
  • Satisfaction trends
  • Business units scoring in comparison view
  • Issues prioritization

Discover Success: Explore Our Inspiring Customer Stories​

Accelerating Processes​

Following the effective handling of repeated complaints and responding to customer feedback, customer satisfaction and loyalty levels have increased to above the industry benchmark.

Measuring Satisfaction

There has been a constant improvement in satisfaction in the Lis Division. In addition, the hospital received an elite rating on Google with a score of 4.6.

Howazit for Howazit

53% of contacted customers completing the questionnaire. One of three left a testimonial to be used on the website, and there was a 48% registration rate to our newsletter.