Voice of the Customer

Provide exceptional service by understanding and addressing your customers’ true desires

Listen to them, through the highs and the lows

At Howazit we help organizations of all types, size, and industries meet customer expectations and walk them through their journey, by enabling simple and, most importantly, relevant communication. Our VoC solutions enable you to interact with customers at relevant touchpoints, measure their customer experience, and act accordingly in a personal, tailored manner.
Howazt voice of the customer

The technology behind the voice

Interactive Chatbot
Customers, and people in general, have little time and even less patience. That’s why our Chatbot is to the point, relevant, short, fun, easy-to-use, and personalized (personal info, language, channel, timing etc.). But the Chatbot’s most prominent feature is its interactivity. This interactivity allows organizations to act on the information they receive from customers in real time, as it is provided. This service level has helped many of our customers improve the service they provide their customer, instantly.
Howazit chatbot
Howazit omnichannel tool
Comprehensive Omnichannel
Your customers are everywhere. They are on Facebook, WhatsApp, live chats and so much more. And if you want to engage them, you need to be there too. Our Omnichannel tool unifies all customer communication across platforms, allowing organizations to manage the entire communication range from one central place. And the benefits span even wider than the channels themselves. Omnichannel provides a simple unified display, enables better control of customer experiences, and allows contact centers to arrange and prioritize incoming communications in order to provide better service and increase customer satisfaction.
Insightful Dashboard
A smart exchange of information is critical for good communicating, but its not enough. If you don’t analyze and understand the opportunities and challenges raised by your customer, you cannot leverage them to promote growth. Our live dashboard enables organizations to view a real-time snapshot of their performance, and act according to precise insights. Simple and intuitive, the dashboard uses graphs and data visualization to displays tailored reports, funnels, customer’s data tracking, insights and more.