Interactive Chatbot

Increase customer satisfaction, reduce volume of support calls, encourage customers to write good reviews, and enjoy better overall reputation by engaging with your customers, effectively.

Data collection, made simple

Our Chatbot leverages best practices and vast knowhow to make communication as efficient as possible, personalized, and even fun.

Fast, simple, easy-to-use, communication between organizations and their customers, anytime and anywhere from any device and at any stage of the customer journey.

Smart customer profiling and complete personalization dramatically increase and improve conversions between organizations and their customers.

Enhanced interactivity enables real-time response to customer needs, greatly improving the service that organizations provide while driving customers to mutually beneficial actions.

Howazit chatbot
Howazit chatbot


personal info, relevant language, tone, channel, timing, etc.

Matrix, ranking, single and multiple selections, GPS location, download and upload of attachments, including videos and images, multichannel sharing, free text, calendar, numbers, email, OTP (One Time Password), and more

Real-time and scheduled reports and notifications, dashboards, and more

 Videos, docs, animated gifs, emojis

Scheduling, payment, GPS, and more

Fully customized according to customer brand book

Fully customized and phrased according to the relevant touchpoints

Enabling communication to promote business growth

Effective engagement with customer serves various use cases, including
  • Smart customer profiling
  • Social and Google reviews funnel
  • App download promotion
  • Loyalty program registration
  • Upsell and cross-sale opportunity recognition
  • Lead nurturing
  • Marketing research
  • Service recovery
  • Purchase updates
  • Service sign-up
  • FAQ response
  • Professional testing
  • Information sharing
  • Scheduling meetings and deliveries
Howazit chatbot

Brands we’ve Helped Communicate Better

Client Testimonials

“This is a friendly tool that develops dialogue with the customer.” Shirley Campbell, Digital Transformation Manager

“You have reinforced the language of our service experience, prompting the industry to work and fight on behalf of the customer. You’ve also given value and validity to the measurement of the service experience.” Richard Grundelwald, Director of Customer Service and Experience

“Howazit has changed the face of our organization, and its process creates true partnership along with a sense that ‘there's no need to worry. We’re here with you.’ The reassurance is indescribable! Also, in a wonderfully light way, it has created an economic anchor for us, so that we can continue to help more and more. Thank you first and foremost for who you are – good people.” Yisrael Alamsi, CEO