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Howazit is a customer engagement platform. We help organizations of all types, sizes, and industries meet customer expectations and walk them through their journey, by enabling simple and, most importantly, relevant communication. Our solutions enable them to interact with customers at relevant touchpoints, measure their customer experience, and act accordingly in a personal, tailored manner.




Engaging customers in the new rebranding process and collecting testimonials​


Sending customers meaningful communication​


53% of customers completed the questionnaire, and 90% of them registered 
for the newsletter.​


As part of our rebranding project, we were interested in hearing what our customers have to say, and to let them know about all the exciting new things going on with us.

Some of the goals we hoped to achieve:

  1. Understand what value our customers see in Howazit
  2. Collect testimonials for the website
  3. Gather insights and feedback from our customers, like features they would want added to the platform
  4. Promote and increase registration for the newsletter
  5. Inform customers of the new WhatsApp channel used by Howazit


While examining different solutions, we understood there is no better way to engage our customers than our very own. We saw all these matters could be handled in one communication with the customer using a short, interactive, personalized chatbot.


As a platform proud of its high engagement rate, our own experience did not disappoint us, with 53% of contacted customers completing the questionnaire. One of three left a testimonial to be used on the website, and there was a 48% registration rate to our newsletter.


Completion rate


Newsletter registration


Of customer leavinga testimonial

Don't let your business fall behind, it's time to elevate your customers experience.