Ichilov’s Maternity Ward Made More Mothers Happy


The Lis Women and Maternity Hospital operates independently within the framework of the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center – Ichilov. As Israel’s second largest hospital –TASMC also includes Ichilov General Hospital, Ida Sourasky Rehabilitation Hospital, and Dana-Dwek Children’s Hospital – it serves as a teaching and research center affiliated with the Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University and the Scheinburn School of Nursing.

The maternity hospital sees about 10,000 births every year, and houses the Mamie Lis Maternity Club, offering delivery room tours, maternity preparation courses, breastfeeding programs and counseling, and more. The hospital works with CI Marketing and Consulting Studies and as part of its strategy, uses Howazit to measure patient satisfaction.

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Improving and measuring patient satisfaction


Sending post discharge feedback


Constant increase in satisfaction of maternity patients


The hospital aims to be the best in Israel and constantly strives for high satisfaction in the maternity experience which takes place in the emergency room, delivery room, and maternity and newborn wards. It sought out additional means of improvement and wanted intra-organizational learning processes that would enable it to collect, manage, and analyze information. Learning about the opinions of the mothers passing through and following the recommendations, would be key to meaningful change and development.


In order to collect information for change and improvement, they chose a platform of satisfaction surveys. A few days post discharge, every individual receives an SMS with a link to a questionnaire regarding her experience in the maternity department. The survey is short and uses several types of keyboards, allowing for clicking and not typing. The questionnaire is detailed, with open text and closed questions. And information collected is used by the hospital management in internal decision-making processes – allowing for managers to better manage the teams, and for employees to learn and improve.


Thanks to the implementation of satisfaction surveys, there was an organizational rebirth of research and self-learning, and the development of process improvement in the hospital.

The very execution of the survey and the emphasis given to analyzing its results led to self-critique and internal and external organizational changes. All this brought about greater attention to the needs of maternity patients. The percentage of responses increased accordingly (one out of two mothers now responds to the survey in full). And there is a better understanding of the needs of new and expectant mothers, which ultimately leads to an increase in the measured satisfaction.


Ichilov’s service manager is used on a daily basis to incorporate data and survey results as a tool for medical and nursing staff trying to continuously improve maternity service. The dynamism of the questionnaire allows frequent changes to it in accordance with the rising needs and issues in focus.


Thanks to the survey’s findings, analysis, and focused management work, there has been a constant improvement in satisfaction in the Lis Division. In addition, the hospital received an elite rating on Google thanks to the system’s routing of reviews there – with a score of 4.6 based on about 250 reviews.


Mothers completes the questionnaire

Constant Increase

in satisfaction of maternity patients



Google score based on 250 reviews

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