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Why Will 2022 Be All About CX Marketing?

Remember how Marketing used to look like, merely five years ago? No TikTok, heavily outsourced, big budgets… quite different from its 2021 version.

It is actually almost impossible to think of a faster-changing industry, but the trend is clear:

Marketing is going digital and personalized. And with organizations increasing their focus on the customer, we get the perfect recipe for the hottest trend in 2022: CX Marketing.


CX... What Now?

CX Marketing is one of the most recent and most intriguing developments in the Marketing world. Taking Personalized Marketing to new heights, CX Marketing uses customer-obsessed tools to maximize the potential of each individual client. So far, so good, we all know good Marketing is about personas, so what’s new? Here’s where it gets interesting.

Customer-focused is not enough

In the past decades, companies have been wise enough to put their Marketing resources towards customer-centric strategies. But that doesn’t cut it nowadays. You must become customer-obsessed to rise above competition. The best and most obvious example is of course Amazon, which built its whole strategy around Customer Experience, as Jeff Bezos himself keeps reminding us (really, that’s all he talks about, the guy’s obsessed).

Cool, so how do we do that?

It is actually quite simple, in theory. Segmenting your audience is a good start. Building your target personas and defining the course of action for each type is great. But before you deploy your arsenal of Marketing tools, you should consider one huge factor: your clientele’s timeline. You need to take account of the past, present and future to finally get a complete picture of your client base. Let’s illustrate that with a short example.


Follow Your Customer's Journey

Meet Marty, a male teenager from Hill Valley, CA, passionate about music and skateboarding. Marty hits the spot in terms of target audience, he’s (hopefully) your future customer. Should you treat him the same way you’re treating his classmate Biff – same demographics but a past customer of yours? Not according to the principles of CX Marketing. If you want Biff back, you need a solid recovery plan. Or better yet, you need to invest in retention to prevent churn and maintain him as a customer. Now back to the future customer, Marty. If you want to onboard him, raise awareness, speak his own language. And how about Dr. Brown, your existing customer since, like, forever? He is loyal, but are you maximizing his value?

All of these are simple examples of the time factor inherent to the customer journey. Their individual experience is as important as their individual personas. To make the most out of past, present and future customers, companies must align their Marketing strategy with the right CX tactics. A doctrine known today as, you guessed it: CX Marketing. Simple as that!


So, what's ahead of us in 2022?

Marketing teams have had it rough in 2021, with budgets almost cut in half. But the good thing is, these budgets may have flowed towards more cost-effective initiatives. Digital innovation, for example, is becoming the primary concern of most organizations, from SMEs to huge multinationals and governments. By maintaining a customer-obsessed mindset, along with a highly personalized approach, there is no doubt that the immediate future belongs to CX Marketing models. Stay tuned and be prepared 🙂