Howazit vs Typeform: The Customer Communications Showdown

Sometimes, a proxy just won’t cut it. The jury may still be out as to whether name-brand Coke is indeed better than a generic can of Soda Pop… but when it comes to customer communications, Howazit is far above and beyond runner-up alternatives like Typeform.

A One-Stop-Shop

Howazit helps companies proactively engage and communicate with their customers, provide good customer experience – and ultimately build a loyal relationship. It can alternate between bots and live chats, fluidly accompanying and supporting your customer across their entire journey at all their touchpoints. Howazit also has plenty of features like smart quota and deliveries management to control spam and automated and manual service recovery providing all you need in one place. In fact, Typeform would require several other systems like Mailchimp, Twilio, Zapier, and Airtable working alongside it to even come close to matching Howazit’s capabilities. Typeform is an amazing tool for certain tasks, however Howazit is certainly a more valuable, comprehensive package.

A More Data-Driven Customer Experience

With Howazit, managed deliveries are based on timing and channels, including smart reminder sequences – as opposed to Typeform, where they’re based on simple triggers. At Typeform, when a customer completes a survey, there is a simple redirect. On the other hand, Howazit has a smart Drive to Action, where next steps are defined by each specific profile, for example, pointing happy customers to positive steps, like leaving a good review for your company. Data means your whole system can be a smarter, well-oiled machine.

Top-Notch Security

Typeform has its own high standards of security, but as a small and scrupulous company, Howazit invests significantly in top-notch security to protect customer data with the assistance of a leading cyber security consulting firm to monitor our architecture and perform penetration tests. ISO 27001 certified, GDPR approved, and cloud data encrypted, Howazit enables you to go about your business confidently. Safe and sound.

A More Fine-Tuned Process

When a customer communicates their response or information, competitors like Typeform provide a simple notification. But with team management, notification logic, and user access control, a company using Howazit can define the team by titles or ranks, so that not everyone has to receive everything. No need to use a blunt instrument when you have at your disposal a more pointed, calculating tool and automated solutions based on severity.

Insightful Dashboards and Reports

A smart exchange of information is critical for good communication, but it’s not enough. If you don’t analyze and understand the opportunities and challenges raised by your customer, you can’t leverage them to promote growth. Our live dashboard enables organizations to view a real-time snapshot of their performance, and act according to precise insights. Simple and intuitive, the dashboard uses graphs and data visualization to display tailored reports, funnels, customer data tracking, insights, and more.

  • An Easier Company Experience

Your company’s entire experience using Howazit is also more streamlined and supported. Onboarding is fully managed by your Howazit account manager, instead of being a self-service process at Typeform. Any hiccups are met by premium support, allocated by an account manager with CX expertise via email, live-chat, or phone – whatever works best – as opposed to the Typeform experience, where live chat is the only option. Keep employees happy with your company’s inner workings, and that happiness will spread to customers, too.

At the end of the day, if you’re looking to improve customer communications, there are plenty of solid tools out there with a range of good capabilities. However, Howazit stands out as the most valuable solution for your complex and flexible needs.

NotificationsTeam management, notification logics, and user access controlA basic notification per response
SecurityThe highest security standards and cyber strategies
DTA (Drive to Action)Smart DTA – driving customers to relevant action based on their profile  A simple redirect per completion
Service recoveryAutomated and manual service recoveryN/A
Supported touchpointsAccompaniment across the entire journey – helping with multiple touchpoints along the wayProviding a platform for surveys that can be used at multiple touchpoints
Hybrid solutionThe ability to alternate between bots and live chatN/A
SupportPremium support via live-chat, email, and phone, along with an allocated account manager who is a CX expertPriority support via live chat only. Only Typeform Enterprise customers get full support
OnboardingA robust process fully managed by the account managerSelf-service except for Typeform Enterprise customers
DeliveriesManaged deliveries based on timing and channels, including smart reminders sequencesSimple, based on triggers
SpammingSmart quota and deliveries managementN/A
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