Chatbots, Data Cleansing, and the Art of Customer Experience

Every customer experience is an opportunity – a clean canvas on which to paint a picture of your brand and show them you care. Since knowledge empowers those customer experiences, it’s super important to go in with all your facts straight and truly know your customer.

But what can a business do if that canvas is not actually clean, and instead, confusing and messy because of missing customer information or redundancies? Well, they can fill in the gaps and cleanse their data using automated personalized chatbots!

Your fun, simple chatbot only needs a question or two to refine information – and these can be personalized, automated, and simple. It’s a much more customer-friendly approach and has a higher response rate compared to surveys.

Data cleansing can be an ad-hoc project with specific needs, or it can be an ongoing effort. If there is an ongoing need for additional information from customers, you can use the VoC (Voice of Customer) solution as a speaking opportunity to add questions. And as Howazit integrates with all CRMs, the data will automatically be updated in your customer data and analytics.

We see more and more of our customers using chatbots for data cleansing. Millions of records were cleansed using Howazit during 2021 alone. The Israeli Electric Company, Amisragas, Strauss, and Kali Group are just a few of the organizations using our automated personalized solutions for data cleansing purposes.

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