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Leverage Every Customer Engagement with Feedback-Based Actions

Collect customer feedback at relevant touchpoints, measure customer experience – including metrics like NPS, CSAT and CES – and then take smart actions to improve customer experience and business performance.

Feedback Collection Made Easy

The adaptive Howazit chatbot lets you have short and to-the-point engagement with your end customers, leveraging their real time feedback to provide a suitable response, and navigating them towards a desired action.

Direct happy customers to a Smart DTA (Drive To Action), such as leaving a rating on a review site, sharing their experience on social media or viral marketing, to raise awareness of additional products and services (upselling and cross-selling).

Encourage unsatisfied customers to share their experience, analyze the severity in real time and select the appropriate Service Recovery DTA (Drive To Action) to use in response. The Service Recovery DTA can be operated manually, fully automated or a mix, based on your SLA.

Keep on top of your business communications with our simple and intuitive back-office dashboard, which includes reports, funnels, graphs, data visualization, customer data tracking, insights and more.

Why Howazit


Howazit is running hundreds of customer experience programs worldwide for SMB to large enterprises organizations in various industries. The platform was built with extreme customization capabilities to fulfill all necessary needs to manage a robust and comprehensive CX programs.


Our proprietary bot technology allows collecting inputs from consumers while perfectly balancing between top user experience (engagements that are simple, easy to use, user friendly, quick, and even fun) and the need to collect as much relevant data as possible. Howazit smart business logic engine enables advance customizations capabilities through the entire customer journey.

Big Picture

Measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty (using NPS, CSAT ans CES) is very important, but we believe that we should monitor and manage anomaly behaviors such as churn customers, not satisfied customers treatment etc.By understanding the big picture, we can find more accurately where the business is at its best and where it should improve. This eventually will help us to understand how we can increase the value to the end customer and translate it to the bottom line.

Brands Growing with Howazit

“. Thanks to working with Howazit, we are enabled to resolve many of our customer complaints quickly and efficiently.”

Lilach Flato, Director of marketing and customer experience

“Howazit has reinforced the language of our service experience, prompting the industry to work and fight on behalf of the customer."
Richard Grundelwald, Director of Customer Service and Experience

“For me, Howazit is a combination of professionalism, innovation, and service."

Amir Haroush, VP of Technology

“We can say with a lot of confidence that the significant growth in reviews on our google business page is 100% thanks to Howazit!”.
Lihi Bavli, CMO


Our platform is pre-integrated with most existing infrastructures and has a killer
API for simple integration with any system you are using.

Spreading the Love and Transforming Businesses