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Collect feedback from your customers, measure their experience and utilize this data to make strategic decisions. Enhance customer satisfaction and your business’s bottom line.

Why Manage Your Customer Experience with Howazit


Howazit is running hundreds of customer experience programs worldwide for SMB to large enterprises organizations in various industries.


Our proprietary bot technology allows collecting inputs from consumers while balancing between user experience and the need to collect data.

Big Picture

Measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty will help us understand how we can increase the value to the customers and the business's bottom line.


use of SaaS as part of the customer strategy can greatly improve the customers experience while increasing operation costs.

Feedback Collection Made Easy

Have short and to-the-point engagement with your end customers, leveraging real time feedback to provide a suitable response, navigating them towards a desired action.

Direct happy customers to a Smart DTA (Drive To Action), such as leaving a review, sharing social media posts or viral marketing, raising awareness of additional products and services (upselling and cross-selling).

Encourage unsatisfied customers to share their experience, analyze the severity in real time and select the appropriate Service Recovery DTA (Drive To Action) to use in response.

Our simple and intuitive back-office dashboard, which includes reports, funnels, graphs, data  visualization, customer data tracking, insights and more.

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Less inbound complaints calls

increase in
returning customers

Increase in coupon redemption

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