Travel and Leisure

Make the logistics of the vacation as simple, mindless, and fun as the experience itself.

Simple communication for a relaxing holiday

There’s nothing like the excitement of counting down the days to that long-awaited vacation. Planning, packing, and fantasizing about those moments of pure ahhhhh. But even mindless fun-in-the-sun is packaged in logistics.

At Howazit, we help hotels, resorts, booking agencies, car rental agencies, and airlines anticipate the needs of their guests and customers, provide quick access to all relevant information, and support them through their journey, even if there are bumps in the road.

Taking hospitality to new heights

By providing all relevant information clearly and easily, ahead of time and as needed throughout their stay, and by giving guests and customers a simple communication channel to help them immediately solve any problem they may encounter, we help businesses provide a much better and more attentive service, and dramatically improve guest experience.


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