Fashion, Retail and Consumer Goods

You can provide the same service you would have in person, virtually.

You can provide the same service you would have in person, virtually.

You’re selling more than products, you’re selling dreams…… Dreams of a fresh look, comfort, style, and success. In order for clients to dream big and buy bigger, you need to keep everything else easy.

At Howazit, we help retailers and e-commerce businesses walk customers through their online journey. By engaging them exactly when needed, being attentive even when they’re not in the room, and making communication as simple as possible, you will meet and exceed their expectations.

Digitizing the "brick-and-mortar" service

By supporting customers through the entire shopping experience, helping them find products, making exchanges and returns simple, and automating marketing with specific offers that boost sales, we help retailers and e-commerce businesses dramatically improve customer experience and keep them coming back for more. This improved simplicity and accessibility also reduces support calls by 50% and more, provides far better, more attentive service (which is rewarded with +30% more positive reviews and +70% less negative ones), and enables much better user engagement.

Inventory management
Post purchase
Special offers
Post purchase
Customer’s insights
Refunds and returns

Turning Touchpoints into Opportunities

Service recovery
Churns reasons
Delivery tracking
Purchase information
Loyalty programs

Retail and E-Commerce Providers We’ve Helped Communicate Better

Client Testimonials

“Above all, Gilad is amazing. And the user-friendly system enables a wide range of solutions, quickly and conveniently.” Michal Maimoun, Director of Call Center and Customer Service

“A wonderful system and wonderful service! Always available to answer questions and troubleshoot. Thank you for everything!”
Dudu Cohen, Marketing Communications

“The dashboard is excellent and provides a snapshot online of what is going on.”
Tzippy Chaster