Super Pharm’s Next-Level Customer Relationship


Super-Pharm is the largest pharmacy chain in Israel. Founded in 1978, it includes hundreds of branches throughout Israel, as well as some stores in Poland, all offering a wide range of medicines, supplements, vitamins, cosmetics, toiletries, and baby products. Striving for excellence, the company deeply values customer experience and high-level customer service.


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Maintaining high-quality customer service across franchises


Post-touchpoint customer satisfaction communication


Super Pharm collects many thousands of communications each year using Howazit. This magnitude of feedback enables a broad and authentic view of the quality of service.


The chain works with a unique franchise method, whereby each store is owned and managed by an independent franchisee who operates the branch and is responsible for its results. Meanwhile Super Pharm provides an umbrella of corporate expertise, trade agreements, marketing campaigns, and financing arrangements. The main challenge was to ensure that though each branch followed a different path and leadership style, they all consistently provided high-level customer service and experience – on par with the core brand values.


Among their various collaborations over the past four years, Super Pharm has been working to gauge customer satisfaction, using the Howazit VoC solution. With it, Super Pharm can measure the level of customer satisfaction per branch, learning of any issues immediately, should they arise.

Howazit enables Super Pharm in several fundamental ways –

  1. Research – It serves as a professional statistical analytical tool, providing professional help and support.
  2. Organizational monitor – It is a tool for overseeing KPIs in an ongoing way, in accordance with the network’s service and excellence strategy.
  3. Operational tool – It is an operational instrument that helps close the service circle that allows for self-monitoring and improvement.


The company examines many parameters to ensure the high level of service is maintained throughout the entire chain, including the use of an undercover customer and the Howazit score which is the index obtained from satisfaction surveys.

The information that is pooled may be used in a myriad of ways. For example, every year a service competition is held between all the branches in which outstanding service providers are rewarded accordingly. The score obtained from the Howazit index is part of this score. Additionally, Howazit is used when there is a point need for measurements of additional parameters.

Generally, there is a strong emphasis on rewarding and empowering specific employees who receive positive reviews. And Howazit even includes an index that aims to examine the degree of customer loyalty to the organization, based on the answer to the question, “To what extent would you be willing to recommend the organization to a friend?”


Super Pharm collects a great deal of feedback each year using Howazit. Its extensiveness allows for a real and big picture view of service quality across all stores. In fact, many of the network customers have mentioned the service as an essential parameter for high satisfaction.

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