How Pango Significantly Increased Customer Satisfaction and NPS Measures


Pango is the most popular app in Israel providing comprehensive, smart-payment, car-related solutions to three million customers. The app enables parking payment both in local areas and parking lots throughout the country. It offers a refuel and purchase service at Sonol convenience stores, payment on toll roads, car washes at reduced costs, a roadside assistance service, payment on public transportation in cooperation with Moovit, and more. Pango also provides additional options such as car servicing, insurance, and car pick-up for vehicle checks.




Improving and measuring customer satisfaction


Collecting feedback post customer service


100% increase in the response rate. Customer satisfaction increased from 84 to 94. NPS increased from 46 to 69.


As a company that daily serves over 3 million users, Pango wanted to ensure customer satisfaction with the product and service was high.


Pango now uses Howazit’s VoC solution to connect with customers after they have contacted the call service center to measure their satisfaction. Using an interactive and automated questionnaire, the company clarifies the quality of representative service, to understand precisely what to maintain and where there are gaps. All customers are contacted, both those who spoke with the call center and those who were treated via digital channels. As part of the questionnaire, the NPS index is also measured, gauging customer loyalty by asking how likely it is that they would recommend Pango to friends and family.


Today, tens of thousands of questionnaires are sent to customers monthly. Thanks to the automatic timing of Howazit and AB TESTING refined through various formulations, the completion rate percentage has increased over the period. There is a 100% increase in the response rate – which currently stands at 20% – with one in five customers completing the questionnaire.

Following the rollout of the questionnaires, the indices also increased, with customer satisfaction rising from 84 to 94. The NPS index went up during a working period from 46 to 69. These high numbers are above the benchmark in the industry and represent the important emphasis Pango places on providing excellent service to their customers.


Customers completing the questionnaire


Increase in NPS score



Increase in customer saisfaction

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