Why Building Your Own Patient Engagement Platform Might Not Be The Best Idea

‘Bedside Manner’ epitomizes one of the most fundamental challenges in the world of healthcare – the organization’s pressing need to work on critical tasks, while trying to balance the patient’s very human need to connect and engage with the systems around them. This challenge exists everywhere, from hospitals, clinics, and eldercare facilities… to even the technology companies that serve them.

In today’s fast-paced, hyper-connected world, health organizations strive to create lasting relationships with their patients. With the rise of social media and other digital platforms, patients now have more power than ever to engage with their doctors and health providers. They can also share their experiences with others. As a result, health organizations must focus not only on providing exceptional customer experiences but also on fostering strong customer engagement.

Patient engagement and patient experience must me combined and explored for the success of a health organization in todays digital age.

Why Building Your Own Patient Engagement Platform Might Not Be The Best Idea

If you’re creating innovative healthcare technology, your primary concern is developing life-saving tools, bringing them to market as quickly as possible, and continuing to pioneer such new solutions with real-time urgency.

Sure, it’s important for those tools to link effectively with the patients involved, allowing them to communicate, feel informed, and part of the process. Yet that development of ‘bedside manner’ – or building unique, human engagement tools – can take up valuable time and resources.

Happily, your technology company doesn’t need to reinvent the ‘bedside manner’ wheel to develop capabilities for connecting meaningfully with patients. Buy it, don’t build it. Just as you wouldn’t build a social network from scratch to create a community, you don’t need to start from zero with patient communication, when those technologies already exist.

Howazit’s solution has already developed the perfect technological paths for those vital human connections – applicable to everything from pre-treatment instruction, and real-time updates, to patient follow-up and everything in between. And we have already refined and tailored them to numerous needs and forums, using interactive chatbots, communication across various platforms, and a way for collected insights to better your product.

A complex tug-of-war between practicality and humanity may be the very definition of healthcare. How do we make triage decisions? How much time should the surgeon spend speaking with a patient, while new patients await? How can the nurse comfort all the residents she sees, and still complete all her clinical tasks? And how do we create technology that connects meaningfully with people on the backdrop of non-stop evolutions, changing needs, and the rapid timeline of the tech space?

On this last front at least, the problem is already solved – with Howazit’s ready, agile platform for communicating with patients that is based on years of experience and best practices, along a range of use cases. Learn more here about how Howazit can fit into your healthcare technology solution and elegantly cover the human element.

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