Lead Nurture

Know your leads before your first interaction and turn more of them into clients

Knowing them is the first step towards building a relationship

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. And when you’re trying to generate leads and turn them into active customers in the digital commotion that is their daily routine, first impressions are even more critical than ever. At Howazit we provide organizations with the tools to better know their leads before communicating with them, in order to make that first impression, well, impressive! Engage with potential customers before they become leads. Let them know a bit about you during the lead nurture process. Share relevant marketing information, videos, special offers, and more, and get to know them so you can create warmer leads that have a better chance of turning into customers.

The technology behind the voice

Interactive Chatbot

The fun, simple, and most importantly, relevant chatbot manages the first interaction with your leads. The bot will help you get to know them better, making sure you are right for them, and they are right for your business. Collect data, verify it through data cleansing processes, and act on the information you collect to drive positive, mutually beneficial action (DTA). Create relevant marketing opportunities through loyalty program benefits and personalized coupons, and invite leads to sign up for your newsletter or attend a conference to get the ball rolling, fast.

Howazit chatbot
Insightful Dashboard

A smart exchange of information is critical for good communication and more effective marketing efforts, but it’s not enough. If you don’t analyze and understand the opportunities and challenges raised by the leads you generate, you can’t leverage them to promote growth. Our live dashboard enables organizations to view a real-time snapshot of their performance, and act according to precise insights. Simple and intuitive, the dashboard uses graphs and data visualization to display tailored reports, funnels, customer data tracking, insights, and more.