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Business Automation

Automate simple and personalized communication with customers
to improve your processes and efficiency

Easy for you, better for them

At Howazit we understand that organizations want to make things as simple as possible for themselves, but can they achieve that while making their customers happy?!? Our line of products helps organizations like yours automate all communication-related processes, share and collect relevant information at relevant times, support customers through their journey, and create new marketing opportunities – all while making your own processes simpler and more efficient.


Reduction in support calls


Increase in customer success productivity

The technology behind the voice

Interactive Chatbot

Chatbots are the perfect first step in automating customer facing business processes, but if they’re not smart enough, they can be quite annoying. That’s why our chatbot is to the point, relevant, easy, and even fun to use, as it automatically supports customers through their journey, driving them to action, and letting you know when they need you. In addition to letting the bot do most of the talking for you, it can also automate time-consuming and often unpleasant processes, such as filling out forms, collecting data, and uploading documents, enabling dramatic improvement in operational efficiency and reducing contact center workload.

Howazit chatbot
Howazit chatbot
Branded Web Application

Our web application helps you communicate the right information, with the right customer, at the right time, automatically. The fully branded web app provides easy access to important product information, FAQ, and anything customers need to know about your service. While you have them there, the web application presents the perfect opportunity to expose customers to special offers that support your upsell and cross sale efforts, so not only are you automating your service, but also your marketing efforts – killing two birds with one digital stone.

Comprehensive Omnichannel

Your customers are everywhere – on Facebook, WhatsApp, live chats, and so much more – and they want to talk to you. Our omnichannel tool unifies all customer communication across platforms, enabling organizations to manage their entire communication range from one central place, while the system automatically routes, arranges, and prioritizes incoming communications to provide better service. As an additional layer of automation, the channels themselves are automated, based on pre-defined business rules, to enable immediate service of the highest level, improving not only customer satisfaction, but also operational efficiency.

Howazit omnichannel tool
Insightful Dashboard

A smart exchange of information is critical for good communication, but it’s not enough. If you don’t analyze and understand the opportunities and challenges raised by your customer, you can’t leverage them to promote growth. Our live dashboard enables organizations to view a real-time snapshot of their performance, and act according to precise insights. Simple and intuitive, the dashboard uses graphs and data visualization to display tailored reports, funnels, customer data tracking, insights, and more.