The Ultimate Feedback Collection Solution for Domino's Pizza

Unlock Your Business Potential with Howazit.
Measure Customer Satisfaction, Gain Real-time Insights, 
Boost Customer Experience and Your Bottom Line

It's more than a survey

Act upon collected feedback in real-time

Contact  Domino’s customers  at relevant touchpoints, post order, measuring their experience using an interactive chatbot

  • Generating personalized experience for each customer 
  • Automatic in context conversations to identify customer satisfaction 
  • 4 questions with 70 parameters that take only 20 seconds to complete.
  • Driving Dominos customers to desired actions based on
    • response
    • customer profile
    • customer behavior and history
    • SLA and other parameters

Loyalty goes beyond customer retention

WOW experiences boost profit growth

Leverage exceptional experiences to transform satisfied customers into brand ambassadors. Drive happy customers to a smart desired action to boost your revenues. Such as – 

  • Posting great online reviews
  • Encourage next purchase (coupons, points ,etc.) 
  • Sharing on social media
  • Join loyalty club 
  • Sign up to newsletter 

Win back displeased customers​

Automatic advanced service recovery ​

Spot unsatisfactory experiences as they happen, evaluate their impact and the customer involved, and take immediate action. Transform not so great experiences into opportunities by initiating recovery processes allied with your unique business needs. 

  • Service Recovery tailored to the problem, severity, customer persona, and your business SLA
  • Real-time notification of the relevant team member
  • Robust ticketing system to address every customer
  • Compensation management mechanisms

Get the Pulse of your business​

A 360° perspective of your business performance​

Access real-time insights and make data-driven decisions. Our intuitive dashboards put the heartbeat of your business at your fingertips.

  • Gain complete visibility into your business  
  • Comprehensive dashboard, reports and alerts 
  • Real-time notifications 
  • Take decision based on data and don’t rely on your gut feeling 

Discover Success: Explore Our Inspiring Experience Working with Domino's Markets

increase in
returning customers

increase in
returning customers

Overall retention

The Technology Behind the Voice

Easy to use for your business

  • Fully customized
  • Quick setup
  • Seamless integration with existing infrastructure

Easy to use for your customers

  • Hassle-free – no downloads
  • Easy communication – any keyboard, any platform
  • Advanced personalization 

Security as a priority

  • ISO 27001 Certification
  • GDPR approved
  • Cloud data encrypted


We believe that personalization is the key to enhancing customer experiences. Our approach involves evaluating each customer interaction then identifying the most suitable next steps based on their feedback, specific preferences, history, behavior, profile, etc.

By implementing Howazit, you could generate additional revenues out of :

  • Built-in coupon management mechanism to shorten purchase cycle
  • Reducing churn by the Howazit automated service recovery module
  • Improving online reputation on review sites and social media 
  • Saving contact center costs by reducing inbound complain calls
  • Digital transformation in HR operation processes

Typically, our clients are witnessing additional increase of 3.8% to 12.2% in revenues of identified orders.

The automatic service recovery processes are managed using the Howazit ticketing system. Applying SLAs, timing customer contact, identifying relevant individuals within the organization to be informed, and more.

Upon the completion of a required information questionnaire and a 1-hour call with a CX expert, you can expect to see a demo in one week UAT (User Acceptance Test) environment.

Howazit already has an integration with “Pulse”, in case additional integrations are required, per market, we seamlessly to any existing infrastructure, including 3rd parties. 

Sure, our platform allows you to customize and personalize every aspext of the flow,  we have customizable solutions for different businesses, highly flexible and adaptable platform. All products are completely branded and customized

All reports  and dashboards haves mart access control configuration. Each business can

  • Enable real-time access to data for staff at store level
  • Enable reporting and dashboarding for roles at corporate level

Your customers have a lot to say.
Are you ready to listen?