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We are Howazit

At Howazit, we help companies collect customer feedback at relevant touchpoints and measure customer experience, including metrics like NPS, CSAT and CES.Take smart actions based upon collected feedback to improve customer experience and business performance.

Feedback Collection, Made Easy

Howazit chatbot enables short and to the point engagement with end customers. The adaptive bot navigates the end customers to the desired action based on the response it collects in real-time.

Happy customers are encouraged to Smart DTA (Drive To Action) such as rating on review sites, sharing their experience on social media, arising awareness for additional products and services (upsells and cross sales), viral marketing and more.

Not satisfied customers will be encouraged to share what was the issue they were experiencing and analyzing it in real-time to understand the severity and what Service Recovery DTA should be used. The service recovery DTA can be fully automated and/or manual based on each organization SLA.

A simple and intuitive back-office dashboard that helps you keep on top of your business communications, including reports, funnels, graphs, data visualization, customer data tracking, insights and more.

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