Insurance and Finance

Simplify the complex paperwork that makes up your daily routine by going digital.

Paper out, simple communication in…

The many details, cumbersome processes, and piles of paperwork native to insurance and finance service providers are a part of your routine, but present a serious headache for your customers.

At Howazit, we help organizations like yours walk customers through those complicated, paper-heavy processes simply and seamlessly, getting the information and authorization you need, all while providing a much better, more attentive service, and dramatically improving customer experience.

Making bureaucracy customer-friendly

From banks, insurers, and insurance agencies to online financial services, we enable organizations to effectively manage customer journeys. With Howazit you can welcome new customers quickly and easily, ensure all relevant information is shared, support them through the process, and get their feedback on your offering and service.

Events – registration
Onboarding new employees
Lead nurture and validation
Post meeting communication
Meeting scheduling
Churns reasons

Turning Touchpoints into Opportunities

Financial documentation
Client programs
Personal information
Customer Service
Customer’s insights
Special offers

Insurance and Finance Providers We’ve Helped
Communicate better

Client Testimonials

“For me, Howazit is a combination of professionalism, innovation, and service. The system itself is easy to tailor, and enables excellent communication with customers through efficient digital and customer-facing processes.”
Amir Haroush, VP of Technology

“This is a very convenient platform for becoming more deeply acquainted with our customers. It provides us with simple insights, so as an organization we understand what needs improving.
And it lets us hear the things that we do well, too!”
Meshi Ashcar, Product Manager

“You provide complex and effective operating services. Most importantly, you are willing to make the necessary changes, according to changing customer requirements – and to do so quickly!” Yonatan Smilyansky, Smilyansky Development Processes