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Improving Healthcare

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Meet your patients’ expectations and support them through their medical journey with confidence.

By providing personalized information at scale, healthcare providers can support patients through the stressful moments before, during, and after a medical procedure. They can dispel their worries and ensure that all relevant information is shared, medication is monitored, chronic conditions are treated correctly, pre-operative care is administered, post-hospital discharge is smooth, and more.

Healthcare Support That Also Helps You

Supporting hundreds of clinics and hospitals
Millions of patients contacted
Dozens of touchpoints covered
Hundreds of medical procedures monitored
30% increase in customer satisfaction
~50% completion rate​
32% more positive reviews
73% reduction in negative reviews

Tailoring a Solution to Every Facet of Healthcare

Digital patient engagement through the entire PSP

Helping pharma companies to onboard patients to PSPs, distribute information, raise awareness and adherence.

Digital companion during hospitalization

Each patient that registers with reception receives regular progress reports, an outline of next steps, and text messages linking to a personalized website updated in real time.

Patient experience measurement

After discharge, each patient receives a personalized feedback request. Satisfied patients are asked to provide a recommendation; unhappy patients are approached in real time so their negative experience can be moderated.

Personalized in-hospital stay

After check-in, each patient receives a link to a custom web application with personalized content, schedules, meals, visit times, etc. During their stay, patients are asked to provide ongoing feedback to ensure they have an optimal experience.

Patient reminders

Pre-appointment, patients receive a message showing relevant information, waiting times, parking, etc. At this stage, it’s also possible to collect more patient data – fill in medical questionnaires and provide allergy information.

Digital companion post discharge and for chronic conditions

An automatic digital engagement with patients recently discharged from the hospital pr chronic patients. Allows you to make sure they are feeling well, provide aid with medical protocols, and transfer to a live chat with a physician call center for additional assistance.

Turning Touchpoints into Opportunities

Start Treating Your Communication in Order to Better Treat Your Patients