Leverage Every Customer Survey with Feedback-Based Actions

Collect customer feedback at relevant touchpoints measure customer experience including metrics like NPS, CSAT and CES and then take smart actions based on collected feedback to improve customer experience and business performance.

Feedback Collection, Made Easy

The adaptive Howazit chatbot lets you have short and to the point engagement with your  end customers, leveraging their real time feedback to provide a suitable response, and navigating them towards a desired action.

Direct happy customers are to a Smart DTA (Drive To Action) such as leaving a rating on review a site, sharing their experience on social media, or viral marketing to raise awareness of additional products and services (upselling and cross- selling).

Encourage not satisfied customers to share their experience, analyze the severity in real time  and select the appropriate  Service Recovery DTA to use in response. The Service Recovery DTA can be operated manually, fully automated or a mix based your SLA.

keep on top of your business communication with our simple and intuitive back-office dashboard, which includes reports, funnels, graphs, data visualization, customer data tracking, insights and more.

Businesses Growing with Howazit


Domino’s Israel has over 50 branches and 1,250 employees. 400,000 pizzas are prepared monthly and 330,000 of them are delivery orders. Approximately 50% of Domino’s sales in Israel come from digital ordering channels.


Continuous measurement of customer experience, maintaining the high standards of product and service quality


Post-delivery customer satisfaction survey


50% drop in complaint calls, 53% increase in returning customers who had complained over a bad experience, and a 75% retention of customers overall.


Super-Pharm is the largest pharmacy chain in Israel. It has an e-commerce website as well as hundreds of stores, all owned by franchises.


Maintaining high-quality customer service across franchises 


Post-sale customer satisfaction survey


Super-Pharm collects many thousands of communications each year using Howazit. This scale of feedback enables the company to gain a broad and authentic view of the quality of service experienced by their customers.


Our platform is pre-integrated with most existing infrastructures and has a killer
API for simple integration with any system you are using.

Security as a priority

At Howazit, we understand that our customers’ data is a strategic asset. We therefore go the extra mile, invest the resources, and take every precaution to ensure the highest level of security. We engage the services of a leading cyber security consulting firm on an ongoing basis to help us monitor our architecture, perform penetration tests and advise on recent developments.

ISO 27001 Certification

GDPR approved

Cloud data encrypted

Talk to Sales

“Management waits with anticipation for the weekly report containing open text feedback from customers. Thanks to working with Howazit, we are enabled to resolve many of our customer complaints quickly and efficiently.”

Lilach Flato, Director of marketing and customer experience

“You have reinforced the language of our service experience, prompting the industry to work and fight on behalf of the customer. You’ve also given value and validity to the measurement of the service experience.”
Richard Grundelwald, Director of Customer Service and Experience

“For me, Howazit is a combination of professionalism, innovation, and service. The system itself is easy to tailor, and enables excellent communication with customers through efficient digital and customer-facing processes.”

Amir Haroush, VP of Technology