Leverage Customer Experiences with Feedback-Based Actions

Using Howazit, companies
can measure customer experiences and drive them to relevant actions, based on
feedback collected at various

Domino's Pizza Transformed it's Customer Experience Measuring Using Howazit


Drop in complaint calls


Increase in returning customers after a bad experience


Overall Retention

Feedback Collection, Made Easy

Our Chatbot leverages best practices and vast knowhow to make communication as efficient as possible, personalized, and even fun.

Enhanced interactivity enables real-time response to customer needs, greatly improving the service that organizations provide while driving customers to mutually beneficial actions.

Client Testimonials

“Management waits with anticipation for the weekly report containing open text feedback from customers. Thanks to working with Howazit, we are enabled to resolve many of our customer complaints quickly and efficiently.”

Lilach Flato, Director of marketing and customer experience

“You have reinforced the language of our service experience, prompting the industry to work and fight on behalf of the customer. You’ve also given value and validity to the measurement of the service experience.”
Richard Grundelwald, Director of Customer Service and Experience

“For me, Howazit is a combination of professionalism, innovation, and service. The system itself is easy to tailor, and enables excellent communication with customers through efficient digital and customer-facing processes.”

Amir Haroush, VP of Technology

Security as a priority

At Howazit, we understand that our customers’ data is a strategic asset. We therefore go the extra mile, invest the resources, and take every measure to ensure the highest level of security. We engage the services of a leading cyber security consulting firm on an ongoing basis to help us monitor our architecture, perform penetration tests and advise on recent developments.

ISO 27001 Certification

(Information Security Management Systems)

GDPR approved

(as Data Processor)

Cloud data encrypted

(at rest and in transit, using latest encryption algorithm standards)


Our platform is pre-integrated with most existing infrastructures and has a killer
API for simple integration with any system you are using.

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