Comprehensive Omnichannel

Engage with customers on all platforms, manage all communication channels in one place, get a broader picture, prioritize, and control all communications to provide exceptional service.

Maintain control even when they’re all talking at once

Our comprehensive omnichannel solution enables organizations to meet their customers anywhere, at any time, from any device, and at any stage of the customer journey, while maintaining full control.

Unification of customer engagements from the various channels, including Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, website, and more, all managed under one central platform.

Visibility and control of cross-platform customer engagements through a simple, user-friendly interface that enables contact centers to arrange and prioritize incoming communication.

Encouraged communication based on pre-defined business rules that support automated handling, greatly improving service level, while reducing contact center workload and operational costs.

Howazit omnichannel tool
Howazit chatbot


Enabling communication to promote business growth

Effective engagement with customers serves various use cases, including:

  • Lead nurture and validation
  • Loyalty program registration
  • Customer profiling
  • Video and marketing materials distribution
  • Service recovery
  • Purchase updates
  • Service sign-up
  • Customer profiling and identification
  • Ticketing
  • Team management
  • Documents distribution
  • Scheduling meetings and deliveries
Howazit chatbot

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