Kali Group’s digital transformation


Walking their customers through the complexities of planning and securing their financial future, Kali was established in 1970l, to provide quality, long-term pension, health and LTC insurance solutions to tens of thousands of customers..

Improving and expediting onboarding process for new employees
A streamlined and automated onboarding process for employee, employer, and agent
Shorter and much more efficient onboarding process with a 93% completion rate, and 97% satisfied customers


As onboarding is the first experience customers share with their insurance agencies, and one that may set the tone for years of service, Kali Group understood that there’s no second chance to make a first impression and decided to improve this critical part in their relationship with customers.

The main challenge was an operational one. The company set out to improve efficiency and shorten the onboarding process, with a clear focus on customer experience (new employee, employer, and agent). As this process was a manual one until that point, and required the attention of several employees, hours of work and countless reminders were required to complete the paperwork for each new employee.


questionnaire completion rate


of new customers added an attachment


of customers were satisfied with this process


As Kali had already been working with us on a VoC (Voice of Customer) project, surveying customer satisfaction at every touchpoint in order to improve customer experience, helping them with their onboarding process was the natural next step.

After a joint characterization process, automation and digitization requirements were defined and an innovative new process was on its way. The new process looks something like this…

  • When an employee joins the organization, employers let Kali know of the new hire through an interactive chatbot (can be repeated for each employee or in bulk by uploading the details of multiple employees at once)
  • Kali receives an alert each time employee data is received, and the information is automatically uploaded into the system
  • After this preliminary process, all further communication is done through a personalized, interactive web application
  • Once the data is collected, quickly and easily, the pension plan application form is automatically generated, including signatures and all relevant attachments
  • After the paperwork is done, the employee is given the option of scheduling a personal consultation session with an insurance agent for further planning
  • The app later serves as a digital marketing asset, containing marketing information and inviting customers to chat with a representative


The digital transposition undertaken by Kali for the onboarding process, drastically cut handle time of new policies, achieving a 93% questionnaire completion rate without the need for nagging reminders. 78% of new customers even managed to add a scan of their ID card before the meeting with the agent, concluding all the paperwork in one foul swoop. What’s even more impressive is that 97% of customers were satisfied with this process, according to satisfaction surveys.

Enthusiastic employers say the all-digital procedure is now “easy, short, fast and saves work hours”, and they are glad to be relieved of the data collection runaround and nagging.

As for Kali, their industry has been undergoing massive digital transformation in recent years with the establishment of digital insurance companies, but digital agencies have yet to be launched. That’s why this move has transformed more than just the onboarding process, it has changed Kali Group as a whole, paving the way for more innovation to come (lookout retirement planning), and shows promise for a digital future.