Celebrating World Compliment Day and Good Reviews

Happy World Compliment Day! (Yes, today is also Mardi Gras and National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day. But for us at Howazit – where we obsess over the online reputation management of companies – we celebrate compliments over everything else.)

For your business, compliments come in the form of good reviews. A good review benefits your growth and revenue. It decreases customer churn, increases retention, and hopefully promotes an influx of new customers who see it.

Ultimately, the accumulation of those reviews is a big part of your online reputation – which defines how your business is perceived in the primary place where people come across it these days. So, it’s wise to think about what does and does not bring in compliments.

First, it has to do with how you handle complaints. Some complaints are inevitable, of course, and though you may not be able to prevent them all, with Howazit you can close the loop with an automated service recovery process. People admire a quick, simple, transparent cleanup. In fact, this helped one of our clients bring back 53% of its unhappy customers!

Also, people get compliments for being charming, champions, go-getters, going above and beyond. It takes active energy to prompt someone to extend themselves generously and favorably on your behalf.

So, when it comes to getting good reviews for your business, this translates into proactively providing excellent customer experience. Build a good relationship with customers, satisfy their needs, develop strong communication that addresses all their issues… and they will have the kind of happy, satisfied customer experience that makes them want to compliment you.

Howazit helps you ensure excellent customer experience. We enable you to communicate with customers proactively and at relevant contact points so you can get ahead of complaints and ensure their happiness. Indeed, with Howazit, negative reviews decrease by 73%, and calls to the contact center decrease by 50%.

Businesses that use Howazit see a 30% increase in the level of satisfaction and a 32% increase in reviews. Not only does this leave existing customers delighted, but it makes them more likely to broadcast that delight with compliments and good reviews – marketing on your behalf to all the potential new customers out there.

On this World Compliment Day, we want to extend a compliment to you: If you’re here, it means you’re actively investigating how to creatively better your business. Good for you for thinking outside the box and taking steps to upgrade!

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