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How we used Howazit for Howazit to get the best results?

Sometimes everything you need has been right in front of you all along. For years, we at Howazit have been non-stop busy helping clients to build strong, engaging relationships with their customers by connecting them to their feedback. Then recently, we started thinking we ourselves wanted to take a step back and find out what our own customers had to say about us – essentially, we decided to implement Howazit for Howazit.

We had several goals, hoping to:

  • Learn what value our customers see in Howazit
  • Collect testimonials for our website
  • Gather insights and feedback, such as what new features people would want
  • Encourage registration for our newsletter
  • Inform customers of the new WhatsApp channel used by Howazit
  • Display our new rebranding and website link

Implementing Howazit

Since this is what we do, there was a lot at stake. We sent our customers a bot, using WhatsApp, and posed a few questions about their Howazit experience. We encouraged them to write a testimonial for our new website, and to link up to be informed of news and updates. Then, we waited.

With great excitement, we saw the responses begin to pour in. As a platform that is proud of its high engagement rate, our experience did not disappoint, with 53% of contacted customers completing the questionnaire. One of three left a testimonial to be used on the website, and 90% of customers contacted registered for our newsletter.

Next Steps

We also decided to make sound use of our insights and truly connect – which is what we encourage our own clients to do. A few months after our new website was live, we sent branded donuts to our customers to celebrate the launch. We used Howazit to verify their addresses, and to let customers know we were planning to surprise them. Then we wished them happy holidays, and included a link to our new website.

Not only did we show clients what we do in the flesh, but we got to experience for ourselves the magical connection that is forged with Howazit when the customer relationship is made priority number one.