Support patients through the stressful moments before, during and after a medical procedure. Dispel their worries by providing all the information they need, when and where they need it.

Treating communication, in order to better treat patients

When it comes to medical treatment, we’re all a bit on edge. But when it’s your customers we’re talking about, edgy often sets the tone for complex communications.

At Howazit, we help health organizations in various fields of practice meet patient expectations and walk them through their medical journey with more confidence, while efficiently monitoring, managing, and engaging them exactly when needed, at scale.

Taking the pain out of your patients’ journey

From hospitals, to HMOs, private clinics, medical device companies, and boutique beauty clinics, we enable healthcare organizations to effectively manage patient journeys, ensuring all relevant information is shared, medication is monitored, chronic conditions are treated correctly, post-hospital discharge is smooth, preoperative care is administered etc.
Medical information completion
Posttreatment instruction
Pretreatment instruction
Patient follow up
Online patient support and real time updates
Accessible Resources

Turning Experiences into Relationships

Post stay satisfaction
Test results
Adherence education and awareness
Patient data insights
Testing and disease management with HCP and MDT
Compliance Assessment

Healthcare Providers We’ve Helped Communicate Better

Client testimonial

“We are very satisfied with how the system functions, along with the pleasant attitude of the Howazit team. They are always willing to get involved and offer solutions to improve the experience of our patients in the system. The tool allows us to receive real-time, quality feedback from our visitors.” Yossi Edelstein

"Howazit is so much more than an external supplier. They are partners in the thinking process, the deliberation, the challenges, the implementation, and definitely to our success as an organization. Thank you for all that." Ofra Menashe-Vardi, Customer Experience Manager & Organizational Consultant

“This is a system that’s easy to operate and customize as needed, providing a real breakthrough in the medical field. We can now open a channel of communication with patients' and follow the course of an illness.”
Paddy Natur, Director